Invest in your own cottage house in Bukovel

Investing in Carpathians is profitable! Your own cottage house near the Bukovel ski resort will allow you not only to enjoy your vacation in the picturesque beauty of the Carpathians Mountains, but also to make a profit from your real estate. With our management company, we take care of all your property management, providing you with an investment annual income of $25,000!

Investment in a Cottage in Bukovel - Polyanytsia - Carpathians | TrueVille

A cottage in Carpathians is a reliable investment

Thanks to the infrastructure of the Bukovel Group and the rapid development of tourism in Carpathians, the value of built houses has increased they will increase in price by 30%.

  • 1.

    The investment in the TrueVille cottage complex that consists of 14 modern luxury houses with panoramic mountain views, a large heated pool, a parking lot and a restaurant located on the complex's territory is expected to bring an estimated average annual operating profit (EBITDA) of $38,000 (USA).

  • 2.

    The planned average annual occupancy is 57%. In the high season, occupancy increases to 90%!

  • 3.

    Annual Average Daily Rate (ADR) is $172. Prices for accommodation in Bukovel are increasing every year!

  • 4.

    Investment in Carpathians is gaining popularity, so there is a reason why Bukovel is called the heart of Carpathians! The European-style ski resort has captured the hearts of millions of tourists both from Ukraine and abroad. The inviolability of the mountain slopes and the nature of the Carpathian Mountains attract millions of tourists around the world! More than two million tourists have visited Bukovel in the last year, and this figure is growing every year!

  • 5.

    The payback period of investing in a cottage near Bukovel is (APP) 9 years.

  • 6.

    By investing in a cottage, you will receive an average annual return on your investment at the ROI level of 10.4%. It is not only profitable, but also safe! Your capital will increase every year thanks to the increase in prices for real estate and land near Bukovel!

  • Annual return, %

    8 - 12

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Investment in Bukovel - Polyanytsia - TrueVille cottage town

How doesthe management of TrueVille work

The owner of the cottage receives


  • By investing in your own cottage in Carpathians, you will get ownership of the cottage and the lot.
  • The cottages are put into operation completely ready for guests.
  • Transparent access to the financial reporting of the cottage town of TrueVille.
  • There are no restrictions on relaxing in your private cottage in Carpathians.
  • The income from renting a cottage is about 8% to 12% per annum.
  • The annual increase in the value of the asset is due to the expansion of Bukovel's infrastructure and the popularity of the resort among tourists.

How doesthe management of TrueVille work

Company remuneration


  • The management company takes over the obligations of the booking department of the cottage town.
  • Managing advertising campaigns and work of marketers.
  • Round-the-clock concierge service for guests of the cottage town
  • Development and maintenance of the cottage town infrastructure.
  • Providing and maintaining the mechanical wiring, plumbing and other installations inside the cottage town of TrueVille.
  • Cleaning and preparation of cottages for meeting guests.
  • 24-hour security on the territory of the cottage town.
  • Cottage house maintenance and improvement of the town territory.
  • Organizing the work of the restaurant on the territory of the complex
  • Financial reporting and accounting of the operation of the cottage town.

Frequently asked questions | FAQ

  • What is the contract period you sign with the management company?

    The contract between the owner of the cottage and the management company is signed for a period of 5 years with the right of extension. In case of resale of the cottage, the new owner renegotiates the contract with the management company.

  • How will I receive income from the cottage rent?

    Funds are credited once a month to your current account (Individual entrepreneur or individual)

  • What profit will be accrued at the end of the calendar month?

    The profit you get will depend on the occupancy of the cottage town according to the tourist season. You can familiarize yourself with the calculation of net profit and return on investment by downloading the presentation.

  • How will I access the financial statements?

    Thanks to our own development of CRM, the cottage town management system, you will get an online access to your office, in which you will be able to read the financial reports, cottage rent statistics, customers accounting, sales, and financial calculations.

  • How does the technical maintenance of the cottages happen?

    Your cottage will always be in perfect condition thanks to timely renovations and maintenance. For this, we have created a separate reserve fund, to which part of the profit will be credited every month and will be used for renovation and technical support. You will always have access to fund reports!

Investment in Carpathians - Cottage TrueVille

Investment in TrueVille Cottage

Time to invest in a premium cottage in Bukovel! A modern house with picturesque panoramic views of majestic mountains and thickets is the best investment offer in Carpathians.

  • Square footage of the cottage

    115,9 sq. m

  • Square footage of the land

    0.02 Hectares (acres)

  • Prices start at

    2500 $/sq. m

  • Cottages for sale


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